Board votes down SB128 option


Carrollton, Ky. - April 23, 2021 - At its April 22 meeting, the Carroll County Board of Education voted to reject all requests for a supplemental year of instruction, as defined in Senate Bill 128.


The Kentucky General Assembly established the Supplemental School Year Program for the 2021-2022 school year through Senate Bill 128, which allows for the possibility of students receiving a supplemental year of K-12 instruction as a result of the disruption of Covid-19. A supplemental year of instruction would be very similar to repeating a grade. All K-12 students, including seniors, could make a request. Under the law, each board of education either approves all or denies all requests for a supplemental year of instruction for all students in its district who request the supplemental year.


“After researching SB128 and discussing this program with administrators and our board of education, we simply do not feel that SB128 provides any academic benefit to our students,”  said Superintendent Danny Osborne. "Students who are struggling academically can be held back, or retained, as we have always been able to do. Parents and guardians who feel that their children need to repeat a grade as a result of academics can contact their child’s principal to discuss options. SB128 forces us to make a blanket decision for all requests. Repeating a grade is a very big decision that sets students back an entire year of their lives. This is not a decision that we feel should be made in a blanket manner, so we will continue to treat requests for students to retake grades on a case-by-case basis."

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