Who Can Use The Family Resource Center?

Family Resource Centers receive a state grant based on the number of students that are eligible for free school meals.  However, once a center is established, all children enrolled at Kathryn Winn Primary, Cartmell Elementary, and Head Start can receive services.  Some specific programs have special requirements for qualification.

Family Needs

Family Ties goal is to provide a linkage between the community and the families/students that we serve.  Also, to address the current health needs by providing financial assistance or referrals to various community resources and social service agencies, to meet the needs of a family during a crisis.

Workshops/Parent Meetings/Child Care Trainings

Family Ties goal is to utilize existing resources and our own support system to provide education to the whole family.  We are here to assist families in strengthening the family unit through the development of parent skills, beginning with prenatal and proceeding though the childhood years.  Also, to identify and increase potential child care services in order to have quality services available, affordable and assessable as needed for all ages.  This is served through child care training workshops.

School Related Activities

Family Ties will continue providing educational support to the student, while increasing the awareness with parents, students, and the staff of the activities that the center is providing.  Also to increase awareness of and promote existing After School activities, as well as promote new After School or ESS Progams.