Construction Carpentry

Tim Mason Last Updated: 7/8/2019 1:14 PM

The Construction Technology programs will prepare students for work in new construction, remodel, and energy auditing industries. Course offerings include everything from entry level trades courses, all the way to national certification. Students will train at the career centers, high schools and at real jobsites. Current and traditional building practices are included, while updated and advanced framing techniques, energy efficiency, health and safety, and sustainability methods are emphasized.

Construction pre-apprenticeship courses are included that focus on new construction, carpentry, and other building trades. Students learn about the tools and techniques used in the construction industries. The students may gain skills in air conditioning technology, building and apartment maintenance, carpentry, electrical technology, masonry and plumbing. They are also introduced to green building methods and materials. The  building performance and energy assessment courses shift that focus to analyze existing homes.