Automotive Technology

Chad Nieters Last Updated: 7/8/2019 1:14 PM

The Automotive Program at the CCATC is the one and only program in Kentucky that has met the qualifications to offer Automobile Service Technology (AST) certifications. Mr. Corey Martin, CCATC automotive instructor, may be the only instructor in Kentucky at the secondary level that has earned the certification level needed to offer these certifications. This is exciting for news for our students. There are a few logistics each feeder school will need to understand for this program to function.

Todd Nickens, Program Consultant for Transportation Programs, has reviewed the curriculum and schedule for the Automotive Program and approved.  He indicated the program meets all industry requirements including hours of instruction and competencies mastered.

The Automotive Program will not follow traditional “Carnegie Units,” design for secondary credits.

Juniors will be enrolled in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Sections A-B-C-D.  This is a total of 4 credits.  The juniors will demonstrate mastery of 192 tasks.  This course sequence and description can be found in the attached Program of Studies on pages 33-41.

Seniors will be enrolled in Automobile Service Technology Sections A-B-C-D.  This is a total of 4 credits. The seniors will demonstrate mastery of 188 tasks. This course sequence and description can be found on pages 49-57 of the Program of Studies.

Students will be eligible for CCR status during their senior year.  The second year of the program is when students will have the opportunity to complete the industry certifications.

**Important notes to consider.

  • Attendance is very crucial in the Automotive Program.  Students must demonstrate mastery in over 180 competencies.
  • The rigor and intensity of the instruction in this program will be tremendous.  Only the serious aspiring automotive technician will succeed.
  • Juniors must successfully complete Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Sections A-B-C-D before being eligible for the senior program.
  • The completion of Automobile Service Technology Sections A-B-C-D is compared to an Associate’s Degree!!  With the nine available industry recognized ASE certifications these students will be ready to enter high wage careers.